Powers & Duties

Village Manager Duties
The responsibilities, powers, and duties of the village manager include:
  • Appointing, suspending, or removing the chief of police, director of public works, building inspector, plumbing inspector, or electrical inspector, all of whom shall be directly responsible to the village manager as chief administrative officer
  • Attending all meetings of the Village Board, standing committees, and the Village Plan Commission, unless excused by the board or the committees, and analyzing and presenting problems that require policy decisions by the board
  • Constructing and maintaining of all public ways, public works, and improvements undertaken either directly or indirectly by the village
  • Establishing methods for handling details of administration as will best promote efficiency
  • Keeping the Village Board advised concerning developments pertaining to village administration, business, and affairs
  • Maintaining all Village-owned property, lands, public buildings, improvements, and equipment, and all public ways, ditches, drains, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, water mains, and water hydrants
  • Making or directing all purchases authorized by the Village Board of materials, supplies, equipment, and services
  • Making recommendations for improving the quality and efficiency of the services performed by the village
  • Performing such other duties delegated by the Village Board
  • Preparing and submitting a recommended financial budget of anticipated income and expenditures for the ensuing fiscal year
  • Preparing the agenda and order of business for all board meetings
  • Supervising and controlling the authorized expenditures of money and the administration of the adopted budget
  • Supervising and directing the activities of those employees of the village specified in the official administration organization and procedure plan